Waunakee Manor’s response to COVID-19, Coronavirus

We’re doing everything we can to keep your loved ones and our employees safe during this challenging time. Click here to read the latest updates on what we are doing here at Waunakee Manor.

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We know you have some questions…

Questions surrounding the health and independence of you or your loved one can be confusing, scary, and deeply personal. However, we know they can also result in something positive. They can be an opportunity to get the best care for you or your loved one and provide a chance to regain stability in uncertain times. At Waunakee Manor, we want to make sure you don’t face these questions alone. With our help along the way, we know you’ll have the answers you need.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch our new bi-weekly Senior Living Resource series. In this series, you will find articles, interviews, relevant news, and other useful information to help guide you in this process.


Ron LindowNow that you know why we’re here…I’d like to introduce myself! My name is Ron Lindow, and I am the Marketing Director here at Waunakee Manor.

Working in long-term care and at our community has granted me valuable insight. I understand each step, from first exploring which solution best fits your unique needs all the way through ensuring you receive the quality care you or your loved one deserves. I am truly passionate about helping people in their journey and am thrilled to share my expertise with you. Hopefully, with my assistance, these consequential decisions will seem a little easier.

Twice a month, new entries will be published in this series. However, we are more than just an online resource. We are here every day and always available to answer any questions you might have. Come visit us at the community, give us a call, or keep reading to send us a message below.

Why Waunakee Manor?

So, why listen to me? What makes Waunakee Manor different?

Well, first of all, we are an essential part of Dane County, offering care since 1974. We believe our staff and caregivers are the best and most knowledgeable Wisconsin has to offer. Our mission is to provide compassionate, exceptional care to our community, creating an atmosphere that enhances lives. It is this commitment to service that sets us apart.

We are in this together.

Through this resource series, we want to give you the comfort of knowing that we have done this before. It may seem new and overwhelming, but we are here to offer a guiding hand as your trusted partner. Preparing you for this journey is our job. It shouldn’t be yours. Yours is creating balance for yourself and those most important to you.

The right choice is always the best choice for your individual needs. Whatever those choices are, we want to help you make them.

For any questions you have or help you might need, please contact us anytime here.