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Some of the services I outline below are standards that existed before social distancing and other precautionary measures were put in place due to COVID-19. Each of the services or activities that have been modified or stopped due to our COVID-19 precautions are denoted with an asterisk. Our priority is always the health, safety, and security of your loved one.

In my last post, I talked about what to do when considering care for your loved one. I briefly touched on the various options, how to approach selecting what’s right for you, and the importance of involving your loved one. Now, I’d like to go a little more in-depth about the specific differences between Independent and Assisted Living, focusing on what each has to offer, as well as some of the advantages of Waunakee Manor’s services.

Independent Living and Assisted Living are both types of long-term care. It’s essential to understand each option’s unique differences, especially when you are looking to address the specific care needs of your loved one. I want to give a brief overview of each to help you make the right care choices.

Independent Living offers a long-term solution for seniors looking for a more stable environment, with additional support only when needed. These facilities provide a community that helps seniors reengage and meet new people, with services and amenities designed to encourage independence. The living spaces allow for more autonomy and a relatively normal apartment lifestyle with the appropriate support that enables community members to truly thrive.

Independent Living communities can be great for seniors looking for a change or who have been affected by recent changes in their lives. This is an excellent first step for those looking to maintain their freedom with added safety. At Waunakee Manor, unlike many other communities, we offer an extra level of security by having someone available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Assisted Living still puts a high priority on independence; however, the services and living accommodations are oriented to a higher level of care and monitoring. The staff is more present, and there are regularly planned activities.

Some communities, including Waunakee Manor, go the extra step of offering more advanced services such as on-site therapies. This ensures a more secure and stable environment to fit more advanced and continually changing health demands.

Not all Assisted Living communities offer these services, but we believe in always providing the best for our community.

While Independent and Assisted Living are different, they share some core elements in common. Both offer:

  • Emergency and safety measures, such as call system in all units
  • A focus on living in a community that encourages engagement and activity
  • The security of professional staff dedicated to your loved one’s needs and care


Independent Living at its Best!

Here at Waunakee Manor, we offer living solutions that promote independence with the assurance and support of professional staff and services. This serves as an excellent transition from living on your own to living in a community.

Here’s what defines Independent Living at Waunakee Manor:

  • A community atmosphere that helps your loved one socialize on their own terms
  • Safety precautions that may be lacking in their current living situation
  • More relaxing common areas, outdoor spaces, and amenities allow our community members to focus on enjoying themselves and maintaining their health
  • Small but essential quality of life amenities including cable television

As you get older, personal care and looking the way you want can become more difficult. While these services exist close to home or with in-home care, the added benefit of having them right there next to you is another way Independent Living cultivates a positive living experience:

  • Housekeeping and linen services ensure a relaxed and organized environment
  • Meals for all community members, allowing them to focus on their health and well being
  • Our beauty and barbershop service is extra, but you have the perk of getting your hair done without needing to go far

One of the great benefits of Independent Living is that it can reengage seniors physically, mentally, and socially. We encourage this with:

  • Weekly religious services*
  • Our active community volunteer program*
  • Scheduled activities designed specifically for our community members*

These are the services that make Independent Living stand out. It is an excellent option if you are looking for extra support and safety while maintaining the most amount of independence.


The Extra Care of Assisted Living

Assisted Living, particularly here at Waunakee Manor, offers all of the amenities and services found above. However, there is an added level of care. Assisted Living has a much greater focus on health needs while still maintaining the freedom and community of Independent Living. Staff will be more hands-on and present, ensuring we address the needs of our community members.

Where Assisted Living truly shines is in the attention paid to critical and chronic medical conditions. At Waunakee Manor, we offer a robust level of care and an expansive set of services.

The specific care advantages of Assisted Living at Waunakee Manor are 24 hours a day, seven days a week on-site Nursing Staff and professional services including:

  • Nurses that provide ongoing health assessments
  • Case management assistance from Social Workers
  • Resident Assistant or Certified Nursing Assistant to help with bathing and personal care
  • Medication Management and Supervision
  • Therapy services such as Physical, Occupational, and Speech at an additional charge

While Assisted Living provides increased attention and more advanced care, it also offers more significant support for day-to-day life. These amenities and necessary everyday activities include:

  • Engaging activities and events schedule for community members*
  • Three meals available in the dining room*
  • Laundry & housekeeping services to make life more about living than maintaining
  • Utilities included with the base rate

Assisted Living also allows for more advanced and specialized services such as Memory Care. This affords you and your loved one with an extra level of security and safety, knowing that their individual needs are being addressed with the proper care and attention. With special precautions and additional programming, Assisted Living is a great option for those struggling with memory challenges.


Monetary Difference

One of the most critical differences between Independent and Assisted Living is the cost. Most of the time, Assisted Living is more costly than Independent Living. This is due to the extra services and attention provided with Assisted Living, creating tremendous value for this additional expense. Both usually offer base rates with additional services rates.

At the end of the day, it comes down to providing you and your loved one exactly what is needed to ensure continued health, safety, and security. At Waunakee Manor, our base rates offer lifestyle management and housework tasks along with additional options to ensure each need is properly assessed and addressed.


Staying Informed

Hopefully, I’ve been able to clarify some of the intricacies and differences between Independent and Assisted Living. It is necessary to consider these details while exploring long-term care for your loved one and ensure their needs are provided for fully and effectively.

Our next piece will focus similarly on the difference between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing. It will also provide expanded explanations of the services offered and their unique benefits. I hope you check it out.

For more information on what services would be best for you and your loved one, please reach out to us. We want these difficult and personal choices to be as easy as possible. Understanding care is our specialty; sharing this understanding is our passion.